Discover the origin of Marice Mercuur's passion for rooibos tea and its incredible health benefits. Raised in the quaint Moravian Mission Station of Wupperthal in the picturesque Cederberg mountains, Marice, the second youngest daughter of rooibos tea farmers, always understood the potential of this remarkable plant.

The turning point came when Marice's six-month-old daughter faced severe eczema, prompting Marice to infuse rooibos tea into her bathwater. Witnessing the transformative effects, Marice delved into further experiments, incorporating rooibos tea into glycerine soap. The positive results were undeniable – her daughter’s skin flourished, inspiring the entire family to embrace this natural solution in their daily routine.

Empowered by the encouragement of friends and family, Marice extended her reach to supply rooibos-infused soap to curio shops and guesthouses in the charming West Coast village of Clanwilliam, South Africa. What began as a small venture soon evolved into a comprehensive product line, featuring not only handmade items but also an all-natural face and haircare range where rooibos takes center stage.

Each meticulously crafted product bears the personal touch of Marice, as she passionately creates them by hand in her private studio at home. Committed to quality, she insists on using only the finest ingredients, steering clear of harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Marice envisions her business as more than just a venture; it is a potential force for meaningful, sustainable growth. Rooted in a strong value system, her enterprise promotes job creation, environmental responsibility, and the uplifting of the local community. Experience the difference of Marice Mercuur's handcrafted products – a blend of nature's goodness and artisanal care.